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  2018 Iredell County Agricultural Fair


Friday, August 31st  - Saturday, September, 8th

(Owned and Operated by Kiwanis Club of Statesville, Inc.)

Approved by the


Member - N.C. Association of Agricultural Fairs

Member - The International Association of Fairs and Exhibitions



Office and Headquarters

                        Iredell County Fairgrounds
630 N Main Street
Troutman, NC 28166
$5 per person
6 years old and under are free
Parking in Kiwanis Lots-$2 Per Car  




      The purpose of the Cooperative Extension Service is to develop an educational program for helping the people in the county improve their economic, social and cultural well-being in an ever changing and complex society. A vast amount of information is available on  practically  any subject. We are located at:
                  Iredell Agricultural Resource Center
444 Bristol Drive
Statesville, NC 28677
                  Our mailing address is:                 
                            Post Office Box 311
Statesville, NC 28687 
                  Phone 704-873-0507                
                  Fax     704-873-3164                
              The Iredell County Extension Staff is as follows:                
                Nancy Keith, County Extension Director                
                Laura Elmore, Extension Agent, Agriculture                
                To Be Announced: Extension Agent, Family and Consumer                                          Sciences                
                Kay Bridges, Extension Agent, 4-H Youth Development                 
                Kelly Pierce, 4-H Program Associate                
                Matt Lenhardt, Extension Agent, Horticulture                
                Jane Duncan, County Extension Administrative Assistant                
                Stephanie Watts, County Extension Program Specialist                


1.)   The Fair opens FRIDAY, August 31, at 5 PM to continue for ten days and nights.

2.)   Gates will open for admission of visitors from 5 PM to 11 PM each day of the fair, except Sept. 1,2,3 and 8 when the gates will open at 3 PM. Doors of the exhibition hall open at 5 PM & close at 10 PM. Gates will be closed to visitors at 11:00 PM.

3.)   All visitors must be off the grounds at 12 AM (Midnight) every night.

4.)   No admittance of visitors to the exhibition hall while exhibits are being placed or  while being judged.

5.)   All city and county area school children will be admitted for a $ 1.00 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday until closing.

6.)   Entering the Fairgrounds any other way than through gates is forbidden and offenders will be prosecuted.

7.) NO PASS OUTS. Anyone leaving the grounds will be readmitted only by purchasing a ticket.


                                 ACCEPTANCE OF ENTRIES 

Premiums awarded to Iredell County Fair Exhibitors only unless otherwise stated.
Premiums Paid by Judges Records Only…Not by Premium On Entry! 

 8.)   If gate receipts do not justify payment of premiums offered, premiums will be reduced pro rata.

 9.)   Entries will be accepted up to the capacity of the accommodations only.

10.)  If only one entry is made in a class, second prize will be awarded, unless the judges unanimously agree it is worthy of blue ribbon award and prize.

11.)  Entries are listed by Department, then Class and then by Lot Number.

12.)  Only one premium per exhibitor per class will be paid.

13.)  When all space has been assigned entries will be declined.

14.)  Club displays should be entered on Monday, August 27th, by 5pm.

15.)  Departments will be open to accept exhibits Tuesday August 28 and Wednesday, August 29 from 4PM till 8 PM  Bring your entries early and avoid the rush. Poultry Department Entries, Thursday, August 30 from 4 to 7PM.

16.)  No grouping of clubs will be permitted to combine their efforts to put on a single exhibit. Each club competing for prize or expense money must put on individual exhibits under their own name.

17.)  There will be a nominal power charge to each commercial exhibitor using more than allotted power. (anything other than the electric lights) Vendor Application




18.)  Any person at the Fair for pleasure or for business does so at their own risk.

19.)  Exhibitors or others bringing property of any kind upon the Fair Grounds, either as a exhibitors or otherwise, do so at their risk; the Kiwanis Club of Statesville, Inc., shall not be liable for loss or damage to such property from any cause whatsoever; and no such liability shall be created or presumed from any supervisor over exhibits exercised by the association or any of its employees. Every reasonable effort will be made by the officers of the Kiwanis Club of Statesville, Inc. and those in charge to protect the property or exhibition from loss or damage.

20.)  The distribution of handbills or other advertisement and solicitation is strictly prohibited on grounds except by permission of the Kiwanis Club of Statesville, Inc.


21.)  All articles for entry must be made within the year unless otherwise stated.

22.)  The single system is the policy of the Fair and in every case the judge will be selected with the utmost care and as far as possible will be of State reputation.

23.)  The decision of the judges will be final unless a written protest is handed to the Fair Manager, who will promptly bring it before the Executive Committee.

24.)  Any exhibitor attempting to interfere with the judges during their deliberations or who publicly expresses disapproval on the Fairgrounds, of the decision of the judges shall be guilty of conduct unbecoming an exhibitor, and shall forfeit the premium and be excluded from further competition.

25.)  No money will be paid on anything exhibited not listed in the catalog nor more than one entry per class per exhibitor. Judges are requested not to place ribbons on anything not listed in this book.

                                  RELEASE OF ENTRIES  

26.)  Exhibitors must claim their property at the close of the Fair, but no exhibit shall be removed or disarranged prior to Sunday after close of Fair, nor without delivering the proper coupon to the Superintendent.

27.)  Exhibitors must call for property between 2 - 5 PM on Sunday, September 8th, after close of Fair, entries not claimed will be disposed of by Fair officials.