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Agricultural Fairs Best in Show at the 2018 NC State Fair

The 2018 Agricultural Fair Best in Show Competition features the best Arts and Crafts entries from local Agricultural Fairs across the State. Local judges may select one Youth and one Adult entry from their Blue Ribbon entries to enter the competition. Those two entries will receive $100. The NC State Fair October 11-21, 2018 in Raleigh will display all entries. After judging in Raleigh, one youth and one adult entry State wide will earn a $500 Grand Prize Award.

Best in Show Entry Type and Size Restrictions

Arts and Crafts can include, but are not limited to, drawings, paintings, photographs, furniture, woodworking, cross-stitch, metalwork, pottery, quilts, dolls and baskets. Due to space limitations and proper display, exhibits must meet the following requirements:

§  Exhibits must be no larger than 40X25X25 inches in size.


§  Quilts, Afghans, etc. may be displayed folded to meet size specifications.


§  All drawings, paintings, photographs, etc. must be framed to support proper display.

• All entries must have identification attached to the entry with the following:
o Name of Fair
o Name of artist who created the entry item
o Age of artist who created the entry item
o Address, phone number and email address of the artist who created the entry
o Brief description of the entry item, such as how it was made, what materials were used, etc.