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 2018 Iredell County Agricultural Fair

Friday, August 31st  - Saturday, September 8th

Nancy Keith, Iredell County Extension Director


Department U - Rabbits

Committee in Charge - Ryan Shoemaker and Nancy Keith


  1. Rabbits may be entered at the Poultry Building on Tuesday, September 4,  from 8 to 11am.
  2. Rabbits may be left at Show to be entered only if placed in designated coops by owner.
  3. All rabbits are entered at the risk of the owners. The Fair shall not be responsible for loss, injury, theft, damage by lightning, wind, fire, or any other act, but the management will exercise all possible vigilance in the care of exhibits at the exhibit hall.
  4. Judging will begin after Noon on Labor Day. All rabbits not in place at the time will be debarred from competition.
  5. The Iredell County Agricultural Fair will employ a competent judge and his decision will be final. Protest will be entertained only when accompanied by a fee of $25.00, this fee to be forfeited unless protest is sustained by a majority of the judging staff.
  6. Premiums only paid to worthy specimens. No sick rabbits accepted, and will be checked regularly for disease, and may be removed if sick.
  7. Exhibits to be removed from 8:00 am until 12:00 noon on Sunday the day the fair closes.
  8. The fair will provide a person to feed the rabbits and attend them during the week.
  9. The feed for this Rabbit Show will be furnished by Bartlett Milling Company.
  10. Entries must be entered on official entry blank provided in back of catalogue or from website and mailed to:

Nancy Keith

P.O. Box 311

Statesville, NC 28687

  1. Entries close on Friday, August 19, 2016, two weeks before the opening of the Fair.
  2. Mail your entry early. This right is reserved to reject entries after all available space is taken.

There will be an entry limit of 150. Get your entries in early.

Classes and Premiums – Rabbits

Two entries are required to fill a class.

The following premiums will be paid on all rabbits.












One in a class






Lot Total: $7.50

Department Total: $15,000.00



Click here for a Link to All Entry Forms: